201 Basic Information

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What to Bring

How to Prepare for my SLU Experience

Group vs. Singles

Phone Home

Student Dress Guidelines

Medical Release Form

What do I do if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?


Travel Insurance


Hotel Information

What to Bring

Umbrella or plastic poncho
Personal hygiene items
Spending Money - for snacks, souvenirs, etc.
Cell Phone (if you have one)

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How to Prepare for my SLU Experience:

First of all, you can decide that you are going to get the most you can out of the experience by fully engaging in the sessions and training. We also encourage you to pray about what the Lord is going to teach you while you are at SLU and how He wants to use you to impact the world. READ as much as you can…the Bible, leadership material, newspapers, etc. For a suggested reading list, visit our website.

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Group vs. Singles:

A single is any student who comes without an adult. These students may come alone or with friends, but they do not have a group leader over 18 years old who has graduated from high school. A single also must be 16 years or older. A group is any number of students with at least one adult. (For example: one student and one adult, or 20 students and one adult).

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Phone Home:

To call home directly from the hotel, you must have a cell phone, calling card or use the pay phones throughout the lobby. Phones in your room will not be available for outgoing calls.

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Student Dress Guidelines:

Due to the nature of the week and the opportunities that the students will have during the week, it is important that the students dress appropriately. We have included some guidelines as well as a day by day suggested packing list. Please note: While the clothing items needed by the students should not change, the day they are worn may change. Remember, please dress very modestly. If any of our SLU staff has a problem with what you are wearing, you will be asked to change.

Day by Day Guidelines:

  • Day 1: Business Casual: For men, dress pants or khaki pants and button down or polo style shirts should be worn. For women - dress pants, khaki pants, knee length skirts, knee length casual dresses, or dressy calf-length capris should be worn (Please note: knee length capris are consider shorts and are not appropriate business casual attire). Jeans and shorts are not permitted. Sleeveless shirts and sleeveless dresses are not permitted.
  • Day 2: During the day, business professional - coat and tie for the men and dresses, skirts, dress pants or suits for the ladies. Flip- flops are not appropriate while in business professional attire. In the evening, enjoy your one casual night while you tour the monuments! Jeans and knee length shorts are ok as well as T-shirts as long as there are no questionable slogans. Sleeveless shirts are not permitted.
  • Day 3: Same as Day 1.
  • Day 4: During the day, same as Day 1. In the evening, business professional or evening attire (this is your chance to dress up as we will be going to the National Press Club). Coat and tie for the men and knee length dresses, knee length skirts, dress pants or suits for the ladies (no prom dress please). Sleeveless shirts and sleeveless dresses are not permitted. Flip- flops are not appropriate while in business professional/ evening attire.
  • Day 5: Same as Day 1

General Guidelines:

  • No sleeveless shirts or sleeveless dresses are allowed during SLU 201. You may wear sleeveless shirts/ dresses as long as you also wear a sweater/ jacket over it that does have sleeves.
  • Shorts, dresses, & skirts worn at SLU 201 (both during and outside of conference hours) must be of knee length
  • Basically, as you can see from above, you need four business casual outfits, two business professional outfits/ nicer outfits (Day 2/ Night 4), and one casual outfit (Night 2).
  • It is generally very hot and sometimes rainy in Washington during this time of the year so cool, breathable clothing, a rain poncho, and a backpack to carry water while touring is a good idea.
  • Jeans and shorts are only permitted on Night 2 while touring the monuments.
  • Comfortable shoes should be worn while we are out touring in Washington – your feet will thank you
  • Please note that meeting rooms are typically cold which is why we suggest you bring a sweatshirt.

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Medical Release Form:

Singles: Any student attending without a chaperone must complete the SLU Medical Release Form during the online registration process. 

Groups: Group leaders must bring a medical release form for any minors attending without a parent/guardian and keep them with you at all times during the program. You can view a sample medical release form by clicking here. Medical Release forms must empower your group leader (not SLU) to authorize medical treatment for the students you are bringing to the program.

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What do I do if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

If you have special dietary restrictions or food allergies, they must be submitted to SLU at the time of registration. If something comes up after registration, you can update your registration information up to 15 days before the program begins. Please be sure to offer specifics on what you can not eat and what can be substituted. We will make every effort to accommodate, but there may be certain times when this is not possible. We strongly recommend that you bring prepared foods or snacks with you that are compliant with your dietary needs.

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There are three different airports that you may choose to fly into that service the DC Metro area: Reagan/ National, Baltimore, and Dulles. It is your responsibility to arrange transportation to and from the airport. We recommend that all participants fly into Reagan National (DCA) as it is the closest airport to the hotel. We recommend that a flight into the other airports needs to be at least $100 cheaper to justify flying into them as you will end up paying that cost in travel to and from the airport. Please click on the Airport Transportation Information link to learn about SLU's recommended transportation to and from the airport and hotel. When scheduling flights, note that our program registration will begin promptly at 4 PM and the first SLU 201 event begins at 5:30 PM.

For groups needing assistance making flight arrangements, SLU recommends contacting Go Travel Company. Ask for Kathy Nau at 800-800-7703 ext 116 or Kathyn@gotravelorlando.com. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Kathy is a great resource in helping groups find affordable flights


Please confirm with the hotel what the charge for parking is before arriving. Currently the charge for parking is $24 a day, but there is no guarantee that this will remain the same before the conference dates. You should plan on parking your car and not using it until the last SLU session is completed. If you are traveling with a van or bus that is higher than 6'3, you will need to make separate arrangements for your vehicle. Please call the hotel directly to make arrangements.

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Travel Insurance:

SLU highly recommends participants take advantage of either of the two insurance options offered. Please note that you must sign up for this at the time you register for SLU. You can review the insurance documents on the website to get more information.

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All rooms are QUAD occupancy. If you are a single, SLU will place you in a room with other singles. All rooms have two double beds and there are no rollaway beds available. For rooms of less than four people, there will be an additional charge of $186 per empty spot. Rooms may not be co-ed unless members of the same family. Students under 18 may not room alone. Rooms will be available at 4:00 pm. If you want to extend your stay before or after the conference dates, you may do this for an additional charge of $186 per room per night based on availability.

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Hotel Information:

Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 448-1234

Registration begins at 4:00 pm. Please check-in at the SLU registration desk, not the hotel front desk.

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7380 Sand Lake Road Ste. 100

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