SLU is Going to China!

SLU China- July 27- August 4, 2013!

All SLU Alumni- get ready! We are very excited to announce a brand new partnership with the highly respected BJB education as well as Peking University in which we will be going to China. We will fly out of LA for nine days that you'll never forget. We'll begin in Beijing, the ancient capital of China, and arguably one of the world's 2-3 most important cities. From there, we'll travel to Shanghai.

Beijing, the cultural and political center of China is a 3,000-year-old city that has been the national capital for most of the past 600 years. While maintaining it's deep historical roots this very modern city is arguably one of the most 3-4 important cities in the world. Several professors who are very familiar with SLU and who have looked over our program have stated that they believe one day on this trip is commiserate with one week at a leading university in the most advanced Asian studies.

You will wear three hats on this trip:

  • First, as a student seeking to understand your world and prepare yourself for the future and as one who believes it really is the places you go, the people you meet, the books you read and what you memorize that changes your life.
  • The second hat is to be an ambassador for America. We will be deliberately engaged in several cultural immersion experiences in which you'll visit with Chinese students at Peking University and at several of their cultural venues for students. Every morning we will have a renowned linguistics professors help us learn ten key words, phrases and expressions as an introduction to the Mandarin language. This will be reinforced all through the day on our sightseeing, visits and lectures. Oh by the way, you may want to consider learning Mandarin as it is the language of over one billion people. You will be the first American many of these students have met and we're working on opportunities to have meals together, exchange some gifts and try to see the world a little better through each other's eyes.
  • I want you to come because as a part of the SLU Nation I know your spirit and your heart and I want the Chinese to meet students who will genuinely care about them. This of course will cover all the SLU essentials, EPIC opportunities (Experiential-Participatory-Image Rich-Community Connected), access to leaders, sites and historical landmarks that very few would have an opportunity to see and experience. There will be briefings with key financial, educational, political and military leaders and of course the "edutainment." Just image what we'll learn standing on the Great Wall of China, visiting the Ming tombs, seeing the ancient treasures in the National Museum and the summer palace and of course standing in Tiananmen Square, visiting the forbidden city and a Confusion temple.

    Of course the highlight will be Dr. Jay doing a rendition of "everybody is kung fu fighting" your dreams! Also, we're already working on which Chinese orphanages we will be visiting and ministering in as this will be a highlight of the trip. We can't wait to see you in July for this exciting adventure!

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Please note, a deposit of $350 is due at the time of registration. Published prices are available for the first 60 people to register. Price after that is subject to flight availability.
Trip insurance can be purchased for an additional $95 for comprehensive and $140 for comprehensive plus cancellation for any reason


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