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Student Leadership University is faith based, progressive leadership program for students unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Crafted over four experiences around the globe, SLU equips students with the rules and tools of leadership and gives students a 20-year head start in their ability to think, dream and lead. We put your students in the ultimate classrooms and give them access to proven leaders who equip your students to influence your community and our world. The Student Leadership Journey starts at SLU 101 and will take your students through an experiential leadership training that most adults would dream about. Take a look, see for yourself, and give your students the ultimate 20 year head start in their ability to think, dream and lead.

SLU 101

SLU 101 is where every student begins his or her leadership journey. SLU 101 is a four day, all inclusive, leadership conference that combines hands-on intentional training with state-of-the-art facilities. Your students stay in a business hotel, go behind the scenes at SeaWorld, visit Universal Orlando and learn the foundational rules and tools of leadership from world-class communicators who have studied it and lived it. We base our leadership principles through the lense that "Leadership Begins at the Feet of Jesus" and Fortune 500 level training. Learn More.

SLU 201

Located in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., SLU 201 is a 5 day experience that challenges students to think deeply about the role faith plays in our nations history and the public square. With faculty coming from the White House, Pentagon, the Supreme Court and the Capitol, your students begin to understand the vitality of their voice and influence. Here your students take a look at leadership in the arena of. We put your students behind the scenes and in the classrooms that force them to think seriously about society, moral dilemmas and their biblical responsiblity to be a citizen. Learn More.

SLU 301

After SLU 101 and SLU 201, our students travel to London, Oxford, Paris and Normandy for an 8 day experience through the halls of history. Through this tour de history, students learn the lessons of leadership from the men and women who have shaped the world the past 1,000 years. In classrooms suchas as the bunkers at Normandy, the garden of Rodin, the War Rooms of Winston Churchill and the halls of Oxford University and teachers like Sir Nicholas Soames (Winston Churchill's grandson), Sir Graham Lacey (MP), professors from Oxford, and US Milatry Personnel, students will be challenged to earn the right to lead and change the world. Learn More.

SLU 401

SLU 401 takes students to the birthplace of Christianity and the center of religion in our world. Here students will rediscover the greatest leadership lesson of all time: Leadership Begins at the Feet of Jesus. After visiting the Bethlehem cave of His birth, standing where He preached His first sermon in Nazareth, sailing the Sea of Galilee, sitting at the place of the Sermon on the Mount, kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane, walking the Via Dolorosa, Calvary and communion at the Garden Tomb. Learn More.

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