Your Leadership Journey Begins Here (See the Video)

Take the leap and get a head start on the future at SLU 101, an exciting, hands-on week on the foundation of leadership skills. Where students learn to see in a new way and begin their leadership journey. Taking place in several different cities throughout the year, at SLU 101, students gain vision through exciting and unique experiences that change the way they think, dream and lead.

Experience: Launch students’ dreams and change their futures. Hear from world-class speakers in the ultimate classroom environments. Go behind the scenes at SeaWorld. Navigate how to deal with difficult relationships in the Shark Tank. Learn a relational model of leadership in Shamu Stadium. Live on the edge at Universal Studios. Shape the next generation through unforgettable experiences. Awaken the potential

Sessions: (Check out more)

+ Rules and Tools of Leadership
+ Components of the Leadership Journey
+ Relational Leadership
+ Dealing with Difficult People
+ The Calling of a Leader
+ The Principles of Biblical Leadership
+ Time and Goal Management
+ Developing a Biblical Worldview
+ The Secret: Servant Leadership taught 
by Chick-fil-A executives
+ Relational skills taught on site at Sea World
+ Guided, exclusive experiences at Sea World
+ Leadership Disciplines
+ DISC Personality Assessment

SLU 101 can be experience in Orlando, San Antonio and in Regional Event.

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