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SLU 101

Singles -- Students 15 and older attending without an adult chaperone.

Singles are students at least 15 years old attending without an adult chaperon. As a single, you are registration cost is slightly higher for a few reasons. There are additional staff members for our singles, transportation and additional administrative cost when students attend the conference without an adult chaperone. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

You can still attend SLU if you are under the age of 15. However, students under the age of 15 must attend with an adult. If this describes you, please register as a "group". At SLU, we believe that "iron sharpens iron". Therefore, we suggest that you seriously consider attending SLU with at least one friend to get the most out of the experience. If at all possible, a student should come with a friend of the same sex.

Groups -- Attending with a parent/chaperone.

To qualify as a group, there must be an adult chaperone (over 18 years old) and one registration submitted for the entire group. As the group leader, you are responsible for:

  • Communication with attending students
  • Submission of required forms by the due dates
  • Collection and submission of payments by the due dates
  • Bringing properly signed medical authorizations for each minor attending without a relative. You are responsible for keeping the medical authorizations with you at all times during the conference. Please note: these forms need to give you permission to authorize medical treatment for each member of your group
If the date in which you would like to attend is less than 14 days away, please call 407-248-0300 to confirm availability.


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