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Did you know?
Your ordinary insurance policies may not protect you! Do you have $10,000 to pay for a medical evacuation from a foreign country? Do you have to $5,000 to pay for unexpected medical expenses while on a trip? Do you have $750 to replace your
luggage on your trip if it is lost? Do you want to have to spend $500 per person because your flight is delayed and you miss your connection? If not- get travel insurance! With air travel today, many know that you have to be prepared to because the unexpected can happen at anytime. SLU recommends that no one travel today without being smart and getting travel

Information of Insurance Offered

BASIC COMPREHENSIVE PLAN - Schedule of Coverage and Services

Here is what is included:
Trip Cancellation ….. Tour Cost*
Trip Interruption ….. 150 % of Tour Cost*
Trip Delay…..$750 ($150 /day)
Missed Connection …..$500 (12 or more hours)
Baggage & Personal Effects…..$1,500 ($250 per article)
Baggage Delay …..$300
Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense…..$25,000
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation …..$100,000
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service …..Included
*Maximum limit of $10,000

75 % of Non-Refundable Trip Cost, cancellation must be 2 or more days prior to scheduled departure.


Why travel insurance?

Even with the best travel plans, unexpected situations can occur. What if:
o You lose your luggage during your trip?
o You have to cancel your trip, or are delayed en route and miss your connection?
o You were delayed because of a flight and have to pay extra fees to catch up with the group?
o You injure yourself before or during your trip?
o A non-traveling, covered, family member becomes sick or injured?
Protect your conference investment against the unforeseen with Trip Cancellation protection, medical protection, and a committed 24 hour assistance hotline!

When do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance must be purchased at the time of registration or within 14 days of your original registration date. You cannot add this option after this purchase period. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Does travel insurance purchased through SLU cover my flights not included in the SLU registration fee?

No, travel insurance purchased through SLU only covers the flights included in the SLU registration fee (i.e. SLU 301 and 401 international flights and TFA flight). You can contact our travel insurance provider directly, Travel Insured International, to purchase an individual airline ticket protector plan. Plans range in price from $13.50 to $30 per person based on flight cost. Please call (800) 243-3174 to get more information.

Can I get more information on the plan?

Yes, click on the attached insurance plan document on the website to read the full plan offered through Travel Insured International.

How do I file a claim?

Should you have questions regarding the coverage or need to file a claim, please do not hesitate to contact
Travel Insured International. You may reach them at (800) 243-3174 or you may visit their website at

Have more questions?

You can contact the SLU offices at 888-260-2900 ext. 13 if you have more questions.

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