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We are proud of our SLU who are living testimonies of what it means to THINK, DREAM, and LEAD at the feet of Jesus. They are serving in organizations, ministries, and schools around the world; as educators: as innovative community influencers; fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq; studying in our country's military academies; working to obtain their PhD's; serving in Haiti; starting their own successful medical ministries in Africa; working with inner city groups, and leading with grace and truth. We just need more of them!!

Imagine stronger servant leaders influencing the next generation for the glory of God. With your support, we can continue to raise up a generation of visionaries who will change the world.

Please consider supporting the SLU Mission to Create Change Around the World in the following ways:

PRAY: We need prayer warriors for our students as they stand focused and faithful; for our staff as they train; for the youth pastors and volunteers who work daily with the students. At SLU we value the role of prayer in a Christian's life as well as in an organization. Therefore, would you pray for our students to say focus and faithful; for our staff and faculty as they influence; and for the pastors, educators and volunteers who tirelessly give of themselves to equip the next generation.

VOLUNTEER: Consider being a volunteer in your church or school to bring a group to Student Leadership or Leadership Rocks.

DONATE: Give a gift of any size to support a significant part of the SLU vision such as:

U.S. Programs

  • Inner Cities of America - Through careful partnerships, this past April we were able to have set aside unique SLU weeks where we had the privilege to train over 200 students under-served and under-resourced students in Christian Worldview. I honestly believe that with your help we could do three or four of these programs a year. It is an opportunity for us to work with students who have a desire to change their life and the life of their friends, but who need the rules and tools.

  • Leadership Rocks - This program continues to champion the idea that leadership is devotional before it is practical. In an average of 12 cities a year, we are able to work with various churches in order to give students a clear Gospel presentation and an opportunity to experience new birth. Students are presented with the basics of a Christian worldview and given an introduction on what it takes to become a leader rather than a follower. It would grieve you if you knew how many youth events fail to preach the Gospel and give an invitation.

  • Youth Pastors Summit – SLU has inspired and trained more than 30,000 youth pastors and youth ministry workers to keep on impacting the generation that will determine our culture’s belief over the next fifty years. Youth pastors are often the least trained, least compensated, least educated, and least experienced. We put in their hands our most valuable possession. There are hundreds of churches with tremendous youth ministers, but the overwhelming majority of churches have only part time or volunteer youth staff. Thanks to men and women like you, we are able to do these summits at no charge to the church or individual.

International Programs and Innocentives

  • Kenya, Africa - Three of the largest international schools in Africa are in Kenya. Many are made up of the children of missionaries from several denominations and children with parents working in the United Nations. There are currently 196 countries and territories in the world and it is reported that these schools have students from over 150. We are in the process of attempting to bring alumni to help us teach an SLU to many of those students. Of course there are several schools we have contact with of Kenyan students as well. It would be our earnest prayer that with help we could serve as many of those schools as possible. We also plan on doing many mission endeavors in the notorious Kibera slums, which are reported to be the largest slums in the world. We are privileged to have a tremendous partnership with one of the most effective Christian child advocacy ministry organizations in the world, Compassion International. Depending on the number of students we take, we will be holding programs in many of Compassion’s developmental centers. It is also with great anticipation that SLU will work for the first time with Care for Aids in which an SLU alumni and former intern Justin Miller helped found, in clinics across Nairobi. This would include visiting many of the homes and schools of those families in need.

  • China – In 2012, we trained our first ever group of Chinese students here in the United States. I’ve heard this morning that they are planning to bring a second group here in August 2013. Not only do we take American students to China, but now we are able to have Chinese students in Washington D.C., New York City and Orlando, FL where we walk them through an international version of SLU. We also have the privilege of teaching what we call “cultural literacy,” which contains 100 principles, leadership lessons, and character studies from individuals right out of the Bible. Because if the Chinese students want to understand leadership in the West, they must learn what made America; it is the Bible that has shaped our laws, values, and our character. So whether on the campus of leading Chinese universities or in the homes of gracious hosts, we are able to have discussions and build relationships that can change a nation.

  • Middle East – A 6-year partnership with university students in Jordan and high school students in the West Bank. Once again, we teach that leadership begins at the feet of Jesus and Jesus is more than a prophet. For our programs in those countries, we have a 90% return rate to the sequential program the following year. If ever there was a day we need an East-West peace initiative between students, it is today.
  • Scholarships: Qualified, referred students can receive matching gifts for every dollar they earn to attend SLU 101 or 201.

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